Slow outfit inspo: Show & Tell with Helen Turner!

Deze Show en Tell had een ongebruikelijke start. Het begon met een goodiebag… of nee, het begon met het Wear, Repair, Share weekend, of het begon nog eerder: Met het idee om mensen te laten zien en vertellen over hun inspirerende stijl – zo zat ik een paar week geleden te wachten op mijn koffie date die ik alleen van Instagram kende: Helen Turner. Ze had een van de goodiebags gewonnen. En lang verhaal kort, het was een geweldige kennismaking want Hellen heeft heel veel verhalen te vertellen. Dus hier haar Show en Tell!

This is for sure what I love most about making my magazine: meeting new people and hearing their stories. This story started with a goodiebag, no, it started at a Wear, Repair, Share weekend, no it stared before that: With the idea of having people Show & Tell their sustainable style. So I met with Helen Turner, who won a goodiebag with the giveaway, to give her the goodiebag. And we ended up talking quite some time, because she had a lot of inspiring stories to tell. So here’s her Show & Tell.



Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Helen Turner, I am a Holistic Health Coach, Acupuncturist and Travel and Wellness Writer from the UK now living in Amsterdam. I work to encourage people to live healthier happier lives and be more environmentally conscious. This also helps me to be more conscious myself as we are all on our own journey.


What is your best spot to get new favourites?

I don’t shop a lot for clothes these days but Wolf and Badger is a great online store for buying sustainable brands. They have a great selection and you can always find something you like from the different brands they stock. I do try to buy straight from the brand as much as possible rather than other retailers so I feel my money is going straight back to the brand and their garment makers rather than the middle man.


How would you describe your style?

My style is casual and comfy, but I also need it to be versatile as my work day normally consists of clients, meetings and events in the evening, so I need my outfits to work in all parts of my day. Comfy shoes are a must and I love my shoes by Nature Footwear, they have a little extra room for your toes to breathe and move (must be the physio in me). I don’t know if anyone has ever given me good advice!! I just wear what I like rather than what is in fashion.

What was the last item you fixed?

I recently got one of my Winter coats fixed as the zip had broken. I always buy good quality Winter coats that will last a long time. I’ve also fixed a few buttons on various items at home recently. I’m not great at fixing things but one time when living in Bermuda I needed a dress for a wedding. With limited dress options in Bermuda I ended up having to buy a dress that was about 3 sizes to big for me and took it in myself by hand. Took me a lot of time and I was so worried it was going to fall apart at the wedding and that I would end up as the girl who’s dress fell apart on the dance floor, but luckily it survived. I did have a needle and thread in my bag just in case!!!

What was the last item you got or gave away?

I gave away some wooly Winter socks that I had never used to a friend of mine. They didn’t fit me unfortunately.


What are you wearing?

  • The Mala is  handmade by @manipura.malas her name is Tati and she handmakes them in Amsterdam
  • The cardigan/shawl is by @rukeofficial a lovely knitwear brand I found a while ago.
  • The white shirt underneath is from @lexingtoncompany and is made from Tencel
  • The shoes are @naturefootwear And are my most comfortable shoes and I wear them a lot. They are designed so give your toes more space compared to most shoes.

Want to read more about Helen Turner and her work as Holistic Health coach? check out her site!



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