Show & Tell: Mariel Jumpa, founder of Slow Fashion World!

What does the founder of Slow Fashion World treasure? This Show & Tell is about Mariel Jumpa. She was in the Netherlands a few months ago. Came to Utrecht all the way from Sweden, to meet, talk a lot about slow fashion, her dreams and more about Slow Fashion World, the community she just started. We asked het our four favourite questions: What does she treasure, wear, repair & share? Here’s Mariel Jumpa! The amazing photo’s are made by Johannes Rousseau

Tell me more about yourself!

I’m Mariel Jumpa, have love for building connections, coaching and international marketing. I work as a project leader and marketing coordinator. My work is to plan, coordinate and execute marketing campaign during the day but my passion and heart is in creating a global platform called Slow Fashion World where I am the founder and creative director behind the online community now active through social media only. My goal is to develop a window for a community of professionals in fashion, design and art and create conversations, topics and work together building projects by the 3 principles of the community “get inspired, get connected, get involved”.

What do you treasure?

 I love to wander trough secondhand stores and also check my closest friends’ closets together. I live in Uppsala, Sweden. There is a store called Swappis, now they are moving in different places and having certain opening days but Swappis is a cool Uppsala start up and have some treasures that I love to explore from time to time. That is where I found the colorful scarf which matches with my favorite red coat bought in Cusco and made by the hands of a seamstress with organic baby alpaca. Most of my wardrobe comes from my mother and my friends’ closets, things they would like to give away that they cherish and they know I will love it. Last pieces I got is a wonderful dress from Mexico, a scarf from my mom from Peru made from artisans from the Sacred Valley. Unfortunately I do not have an address for Swappis as they have not permanent physical space. My plan is to go during spring to Stockholm and find vintage treasures there and also visit two stores that are 100% ethical and sustainable. Ecosphere and Grandpa.

How would you describe your style?

My style is ready-to-wear I love to wear my favorite black pants you see on this picture I got them in 2014 in a second hand store and combine with colorful tops. I have to confess the shirt (black) is from H&M bought during 2015 as I always dream of naked shoulder t-shirts and I could not find it, but good news is H&M efforts to improve their sustainability report and supply chain control is improving, not saying it will be perfect as they are fast fashion business but there is a sustainable roadmap that is not focusing on greenwashing but really improving for a better way to connect with shoppers and comply with fair wages and workers conditions. Let’s hope for the best. I also love to wear colorful clothes and one brand I fell in love during 2013 was Desigual. During 2013 I about 5 pieces including a brown coat I wear for 4 winter seasons until now 2017, the quality it is good and I always get compliments and ask where I bought them, it is about investing in pieces that will last for a long-term cycle. The best advice I ever got is invest in good accessories, you will stick out from the rest even if you do not have budget to buy different clothes. I invested in 2012 in Mexican jewelry artisan who lives in Guanajuato that made unique pieces and was shipped with my friend home. Actually that necklace in the picture I have use it for every occasion with different outfits and looks like a statement piece.  The designer Gabriela Bustos is amazing creating designs with materials found in her town. I love her designs, wouldn’t mind buying from her again.

What was the last item you fixed or had fixed?

I have fixed my brown booths I bought 2005 in Argentina at a flea market. They are comfortable I cannot let them go. So after all these years I can walk comfortable in those shoes but the zipper broke so I had to fix them and continue the journey with those fantastic shoes. Well for jeans I usually have 1 pair of jeans that I use a lot, so if they break try to cut them as shorts.

What was the last item you got or gave away?

The last item I got is a scarf and a dress for my winter lookbook. I love them and got compliments :). I gave away some sunglasses to daddy he looks better in pilot glasses. I got them as a present from Miami, but these were hardly used. 

Want to know more about Mariel or Slow Fashion World? Check out their facebook. 

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