Show & Tell: Chanel from Mumster

Remember the cover of the first Square1magazine? The covergirl was Chanel Trapman, an inspiring girl with an attitude and a clear idea of what she want’s to tell. So let’s not waste time, here’s Chanel showing and telling!
(and after this weekend I’ll add the details of her cover outfits)!


What is your best spot to get new favourites? 

I just got a membership with Bijpriester in The Hague. It’s a clothing library where you can borrow items for two weeks. You can also swap everyday! And they will even wash it for you. So in this place I like to experiment with fun garments I would usually not buy and in this way I can discover what really suits me and prevent miss buyings!

How would you describe your style? 

My style is classy – but edgy. I want to feel comfortable but feminine. I want to feel feminine but a little bit bad-ass too. The best advice I got was to pick dark colors, because of my darker hair and light skin.

What was the last item you fixed or had fixed?

The last item I had fixed was a jumpsuit. When you are planning to get your item fixed, maybe you can think of add something extra, so you have redesigned your piece! 

How do you keep your favourites?

I don’t have so many clothes, so I hang them all. They are all my favourites:)

What was the last item you got or gave away?

I got a denim high waisted pants, blue vest and leather paperbag from my sister in law. She knew I would like those items, so she saved them for me before she gave those away to charity:) Lucky me:)

More about Chanel, her vision and Mumster productions? Check here!

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