Show & tell: ballerina with an edge

This months Show and Tell was hard to catch on camera, she just danced away. We met for ice-cream at Il Mulino skipped through the cutest part of my hometown that I had ever seen before, and ended up at a pier, at the waterside, finally sitting down – just chitchatting away about her style and her outfits. The few jumps I did catch – it looks like she’s taking off. It looks so easy, same with her style. I had seen her wearing some surprisingly great combinations before, that look effortless. Off course you see the result, you don’t see the time and effort it took to get there. That’s why getting a closer look can be so rewarding, getting to know the story behind the dancer and her jump. So, here’s a short story about Marleen Mommersteeg.



My style could be defined as mix and match, or perhaps even mismatch. I enjoy combining items that do not necessarily go together at first sight. I am fond of fancy dresses and anything too chique for every day life, so I compensate that by combining fancy with casual. You could meet me on any regular office day wearing a tailored pencil skirt and a Disney T-shirt. When I was a child, I played the drums and did ballet, and that might still be an adequate description of my style and personality: a ballerina with a rougher edge.



When shopping, I tend to know exactly what I am looking for. Hunting down that perfect item is such a struggle, I prefer to create it myself. I took sewing classes for three years with the lovely Gerda of Ensaid Modevakschool. I learned so much during her hands-on lessons and loved being able to share ideas with the other students in my group. 

Hunting down that perfect item
is such a struggle,
I prefer to create it myself.

Knowing how to sew has also come in super handy when shopping second hand; fixing things that are broken and altering items of clothing to my fit.



The necklace was made for me by my father, who makes small objects and jewelry. When I was on a highschool exchange in Chile, my nickname was Mariposa, which means butterfly. A man on the street there once yelled at me: “Ay que tienes los ojos lindos, te faltan las puras alas para ser mariposa”, meaning something along the lines of “You have such beautiful eyes, if you had wings you’d be a butterfly”. The nickname stuck and my dad, being the romantic he is, made me a pair of wings.The pendant is made out of silver, bone and platinum. I think my dad did a good job making a butterfly look a little tough, rather than girly and childish. It suits me.


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