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Do you know the feeling that sustainable fashion can seem a bit boring? Because a lot of outfits you see have a bit safe, basic and maybe even darker colour palettes? That’s why we love to find, and show, colourful outfits and people! The thing I love most about Instagram is meeting people from all over the world who share our interest in sustainable fashion. One of my favourite people is Benita Robledo. I didn’t know much about her at first, but she always shares the most colourful outfits in sunny weather. The images always give me a smile on my face and make me want to know more about the outfit. So I was very pleased she wanted to answer our questions about treasure, wear, repair and share. Read all about Benita Robledo!

The photos are taken by Felicia Lasala 

Please tell a bit about yourself

My name is Benita Robledo, and I like to describe myself as an actor/director/eco-fashion obsessive. I’m originally from South Texas, a little town called Edinburgh that sits right on the border with Mexico. I’ve since lived in Orlando, New York, and now LA. Moving around a bit and being so connected to different cultures in each of those cities has really made me who I am today. It definitely influences my style. I’ve always loved how each culture has it’s own take on color and cut. How different patterns can be. How they respond to fashion. I remember seeing these gorgeous woven fabrics in Mexico, or palm leaves braided into bracelets in Colombia, and I needed to wear them. In a lot of my travels we bought directly from the artisans themselves in these little tiny shops off the beaten path. So I think I was into sustainable fashion, before I knew what it was. I became fully conscious of it though about 5 years ago, when I stumbled across Raven + Lily. I was blown away how much good could be accomplished with sustainable fashion.

What do you treasure?

 I’m a sucker for anything hand-made by a single person. It feels like there’s a whole story in that piece, and as a story-teller, that’s what I treasure. A good story.  I don’t have a go-to place, but I spend a lot of time scouring the internet for a piece that makes my heart smile. 

How would you describe your style

I don’t know if I could really say I have a style. I chose my clothes based on how I feel that day. One day, I’ll have tons of energy and feel like I want to take on the world, so my outfit will be bright with lots of patterns. Another day, I might feel more introspective, and I’ll find myself reaching for muted neutrals. One day it’s 90’s goth chick, the next it’s 70’s disco queen. One thing is consistent though, and that’s comfort! I don’t believe in suffering for beauty.

What you wear in the photo?

I really love this outfit, because everything I have on is ethical in one way or another. The dress is from mata traders, the bag is Rok Cork, my shoes are Sseko, and even my wedding ring is vintage! I’m still transitioning my closet from fast fashion to only ethical fashion so I’m always really happy when an outfit like this comes together. I’d say I’m about 75% of the way there!

What was the last item you had fixed?

I’m very lucky to have an amazing tailor in my neighborhood and they’re always altering things for me. I’m short and rarely wear heels, so it’s usually a lot of hemming. I don’t get things repaired often, because I actually like when things look a little beat up. I have one t-shirt in my closet that I’ve had for almost a decade. It’s almost more holes than shirt at this point, but that make me love it all the more. It has history! See? I told you I love a good story. My best advice is get stuff tailored to you. Spend the extra $20 bucks. Having clothes that fit you well makes all the difference and you’ll get more use out of them.

What was the last item you gave away?

I just donated a bunch of stuff to the Downtown Women’s Center here in LA. My friend organizes a drive for the women there who need clothes to re-enter the workforce and then helps them style outfits for job interviews. It was great to know my stuff was going to help these amazing women.

Thanks Bonita!
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