Do you love fashion? Love the environment? Then join us in making your ultimate green statement t-shirt. One that screams out you love wearing it for keeps. Single use, fast fashion is so last season. So upcycle wear it for keeps! Are you ready to make your statement? – ARTWORK by Cote!

Want to join?

Get an old white t-shirt from a charity shop or your wardrobe, repair it, style it and wear it for keeps. Help us in making 100 t-shirts over the next two years. We’ll share all your designs on our website and social channels and celebrate the 100th with a fashion show and book.

Let’s get started!

We want to put the designer or artist in the spotlight for a week, so we would love to know a few things about you and your creation. To share 2 or 3 posts on our instagram make a blog about you & what you made!
Curious to know what you need to submit in order to get featured on FOR KEEPS? Check the table below to find out more.
CONTENT IG Post (&blog) about you IG Post about the process IG Post about the result
TEXT (+/- 150 words) 1. How you started (your business)? 2. What are your dreams? 3. How did you make the creation? 4. What did you make, and why?
IMAGES (min 1000 x 1000 pix for photo’s) One or two images of you (is there a photographer to tag?) Pictures (or video) from the making off / diy An image of the result: The tshirt and if possible worn by somebody.
TIMELINES We plan a week for your thsirt project. So we would like to receive all your content at least one week prior to your scheduled week. If you can’t make it, please let us know. So we can think of other options. So, if you have any questions, please let us know!