Time to blossom: add flowers!

Ow no, it’s ruined! You probably know the feeling, when you zip up your jacket, and your shirt is in the wrong place. Get’s stuck between the zipper and get’s torn. Or you find a spot on that nice shirt, and you just can’t remove it by washing. The obvious downside: fixing can be impossible, expensive, or at least a hassle. A possible upside: adding flowers!?


What, flowers?
Yes, every spot
can become a flower.


Blossoming examples for the precise needle pointers and the free stitcher. 
Amazing examples, especially the precise ones, so delicate and pretty, but the time and the patience it takes…If you’re more of a free stitcher (like me), if I’m mending or fixing anything, I’m always impatient. So it shouldn’t take too long and shouldn’t be ruined if I mess it up a little…

Bring some flower power to your outfit!

You remember the patches you had on your jeans when you where a child? Think that, times 10: a patch overload. With or without a torn shirt, make some flower patches or buy some ready-made, check the amazing examples from the Gucci 2016 show!


Still want more inspiration? Check this great Stylink article, or our Pinterest page!

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