Colorfull treasure hunting ‘Het Goed’ in Nijmegen

Every month we have a new guide at FOR KEEPS. Showing us around in their corner of the conscious jungle. So this November Ninoshka Galeano is our guide. A very energetic spirit, who’s spreading the word on sustainability on a lot of different topics, like less waste, natural cosmetics and preloved clothes. We went treasure hunting together at her favorite spots in her hometown Nijmegen, first up: Het Goed!

I can stay here all day

Het Goed is huge and is located slightly outside of the centre of Nijmegen. It has two stories, on the second floor there is a great coffee corner to get some nice drinks, read a book and just relax. A store this big, with an interior that looks rather industrial can feel somewhat impersonal, but the store feels really cosy and welcome.

You can start your treasure hunt with a nice cup of coffee, like we did. And we started chatting, walking around and could have walked around all day. Because at Het Goed there are two things that really set the store apart from all of the other thrift shops I, Anjolieke, have visited so far. See if you can discover it…

Colour, colour and more colours. Selected with love

You guessed it right: at Het Goed they group items with a similar color, and present them together. As an experienced treasure hunter I’m used to huge bulks of clothes, books, furniture et cetera. So when you walk into a secondhand store that really put an effort into the selection and the presentation of what they sell: wow. I don’t know how else to put it, I was amazed. Not only do they really give items the space they need for you to actually see them, with the colour selection and even colour palette inspiration, they also give creative ideas on how to combine the items you are looking at. So not only preloved treasures, also new ideas for what you already have. Got to love it!

Picking the right items

Walking around, Ninoshka told me a lot about how she finds treasures. For clothes and accessoires – she likes to look for materials that are as natural as possible, like cotton, wool, silk. The right colors, we will tell more about that in a next blog, and off course the right model of your clothes, that fits exactly like you need it, to make you feel great!

Ninoshka about Het Goed:

“Het Goed is a wonderful place to hang out. It’s not only a color inspirational place for thrift lovers, but a place to go with a friend, enjoy a coffee while checking out your next fav book. if you are a sustainable book-lover, after “Bibliotheek De Mariënburg” in the center of Nijmegen, Het Goed is your second best place to find treasures.”

I think it is a perfect match, and a perfect first treasure hunt! Thanks for showing me around Ninoshka!


Ninoshka Galeano

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