Awearness fashion cafe 2016: Inspiring entrepreneurship!

A lot happens in the world of sustainable fashion. You can read and hear a lot about it, but yesterday you could feel it; at Awareness fashion cafe. You could listen to the stories about entrepreneurship, courage, love for craftsmanship and (rest) material; six speakers told about their contribution to a more sustainable fashion. Awearness fashion had chosen the exact right people to bring across their enthusiasm for this subject.

Here’s a recap in a few pictures and some inspiring words (translated to english by me) – want to know more? Check the links!


square1magazine-awearness9Jeannette Ooink & Wilma Mulder, Awearness fashion 

If we are going to do something
we have to make
the whole supply chain fair

Chaya Oosterbroek, Bagged For Good

square1magazine-awearness3Bas Kosters,  Bas Kosters Studio


The main goal?
Keep it simple!

Martijn Duk, Dukskoen


Karin Vlug, Smart Fashion Production.


We don’t believe in problems,
we just haven’t found the solution yet.

Alexander de Groot, Sheltersuit


Annemieke Koster,  Enschede Textielstad


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