A show and tell with colour! Carien Duisterwinkel


This Show and Tell really was a lucky shot. It was a bit cloudy but a few minutes after we where outside sun started to shine, and it gave the prettiest light possible. Her name is Carien Duisterwinkel, she works on alumni relations at Utrecht University. Though she grew up on a farm in Groningen, by the North Sea, she lives near Utrecht now. We started talking about fair fashion after a few meetings, and I just love to capture her colourfull presence and story!

What is your best spot to get new favourites?

I love one of a kind jewellery. Juffrouw Dubois and Nadine Kieft are two goldsmiths who make beautiful designs, using ethically sourced metals. Among my most treasured pieces are a few items of clothing and jewellery that used to belong to my mum.


How would you describe your style?

Apart from a few favourite little black dresses, I love wearing colour. I don’t get too crazy mixing many colours in one outfit, but rather use jewellery as an eye catcher.

What I’m wearing in the pictures is a mixture of marktplaats finds and items I’ve owned for a long time. The jacket and skirt are Vanilia, bought on marktplaats. The shirt (H&M) and shoes (Sacha) I’ve owned for at least 8 years. The fairtrade silver birdhouse necklace is by Juffrouw Dubois. Nadine Kieft made the ring, using fairtrade gold and an old ring I inherited. The watch was my mum’s, given to her by my dad.


What was the best advice you ever got?

As for advice, I’m not sure actually. I think I’ve always been quite clear on what I liked, even though when I look back at old pictures now, I wish someone had given me some advice on a few of my outfits J



What was the last item you fixed or had fixed?


I repaired the seam on a dress that I wear quite a bit.

What is your best tip/trick?

1) Ask your favourite brand about what they are doing to improve working conditions in their supply chains, or check their performance on Rank a Brand. If I can’t find any information online, or it’s quite disappointing, I will sometimes send an email asking them and indicating it’s important to me. If we all do this now and again, I’m sure it’ll make a difference.

2) Try shopping at Marktplaats. I’ve found great pieces there.


What was the last item you got or gave away?

I’ve given a bunch of clothing to my local thrift shop.

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